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Homeowners and Auto Insurance in Boca Raton, FL

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Insuring Boca Raton, Deerfield, Delray Beach, and more

The Griffith Agency has been insuring residents from the same location in downtown Boca Raton since 1979. Three generations of the Griffith family serve the insurance needs of the Tri County area. We are locals, insuring our neighbors and building a network of clients through referrals and word of mouth in the Boca Raton and Delray Beach areas. 

While we specialize in insuring jewelry, boats, and exotic vehicles, we are proud to be able to provide any type of coverage a client may ask for, even if we have to broker it. In addition, we offer protection for high-networth customers through our private clients offerings. 

Customized Services and Support for Boca Raton Residents and Businesses

Our staff’s collegiate level knowledge in business and finance is always available to you, even on weekends. We make it our goal to return calls within several hours. We will work with you, get your feedback, and then examine and identify any gaps in your coverage. Our goal is to protect you. Contact us today!

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Meet Our Team

Thomas H. Griffith
Thomas H. Griffith

Owner / Agent

Thomas P. Griffith
Thomas P. Griffith


Casey J. Griffith
Casey J. Griffith




"Tom is a great guy and follows in some mighty big footsteps--left by his dear, dear Father!!"

Rusty Casto

"They are the best!"

Joe Seta

"Spent 20 years of my life working side by side with the best Toms ever! love you guys....and miss you!!"

Maureen Jensen Girolamo

"I have know Tommy for most of my life and he is a great guy."

Michelle L. Tice

"The Griffith Agency Has handled my insurance for over 20 years, and I highly recommend them."

Frank Ward

"I've done business with 3 generations of the Griffith family & still do. It's important to be insured by a good company but, more important to have a good agent."

Dale Klčo

"The Griffith Agency has been doing all of my insurance for 20 years now. Very consistent and reliable, not to mention affordable!"

Jarred Isgette

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